Child Care Business Publications recognized Lakefront Children's Academy as one of the top 100 child care centers in the country:

"These elite child care centers have provided exceptional care to children and their guardians....With their resources, they are able to help more families and touch more children's lives with fun, education and safety."

Lakefront Children's Academy is both City and State Licensed and our staff attend regular training seminars to keep current on the latest issues in Early Childhood Education. Most of our early childhood teachers have been with us for many years and help create a stable, enriching environment for your children.

About Us​

An Award-Winning Child Care Center

Lakefront Children’s Academy is a full-service private academy for children ages 2-6 years. We offer full-day and half-day toddler childcare, preschool/pre-k and kindergarten programs. As well, Lakefront offers three day and five day/week scheduling options.

We are proud that many of our Pre-K and Kindergarten graduates, who have applied for, Chicago’s top private, gifted, and selected schools have been accepted into their programs.
Our Mission

We do not rush young children into acquiring academic knowledge. Each child is gently guided into learning what they can do to accept themselves and to take pride in and derive satisfaction from personal achievements.  We want to build a creative foundation for a lifetime of learning within your child. Our experienced staff helps develop self-confidence, interdependence, curiosity, persistence, initiative, and the ability to concentrate and organize.

Our school is also interested in promoting and developing positive social skills.  Building a trusting relationship with peers and adults is very important.  Our experienced staff helps develop self-confidence, independence, focus, curiosity, persistence, initiative and the ability to concentrate and organize.​

The primary objective of our school is to help your child develop a positive attitude toward themselves, as well as towards everything associated with learning.

Lakefront Children's Academy
Serving Chicago Families

Since 1967