The Dolphin class (Pre-K and Kindergarten) is one of the most critical stages of our program. Paramount to your child’s success is the continued enrollment through the course of this study. Kindergarten is the last year of preschool and the entry level to elementary school. We look upon our children as the seeds of the future. True to the origin of the term kindergarten, we like to think of our facility as a garden in which the seeds of our future are nurtured and flourish as we develop and enrich their minds, one child at a time.

Preparation for formal testing for elementary schools is a priority and creating a team effort through parent-student-teacher relationships is a critical factor.
  • Reading Development
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Telling Time/Counting Money and Coins
  • Performing Science Experiments and World, Cultural and Social Studies
  • Sign Language
Short group activities are planned daily for this age group and are geared toward:
  •     Stimulating the development of skills and communication
  •     Providing a growing awareness of sizes, shapes, and colors
  •     Cultivating manipulative skills and increasing physical development.
Their attention spans are short and we do not want to discourage anyone. We prefer to build upon their interests and share the joy of uncovering the mechanics of everyday life.
Lakefront Children's Academy offers an exciting Summer Camp for 9 weeks every summer. Our camp is open to children ages 2-8 years of age. Please contact us for exact dates and tuition rates.

Our camp features fun and adventure for every type of child!
  •     Meals included
  •     Weekly Activity Themes, such as Ocean Life, Outer Space, Dinosaurs & Wild Kingdom
  •     Sports & P.E. Classes
  •     Weekly Art & Cooking Projects
  •     Weekly Field Trips
  •     Splash/Bubble/Chalk Day for Jellybeans
  •     Professional Swim Lessons for children 3.5 years and older
  •     Daily Outdoor Park Activities
  •     Maggie Daley Park excursions
At this age, children begin to develop special friendships. They learn to interact with their peers, rather than near their peers. Group activities are extended and academic studies are increased and enhanced.

We modify activities according to each child's creativity and self expression. The Worker Ants continue to enjoy many of the same activities as the Jellybeans and build upon the skills they learned in that classroom.
  • Increased focus on independence and self help skills
  • Recognizing and writing letters and numbers
  • More hands-on art projects using multiple mediums
  • Following multi step directions and working in small groups

Summer Camp

Chicago's Lakefront Children's Academy is more than a child care center. We are an educational academy that provides solid preschool and kindergarten academic programs. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures each child receives individual attention and care!

Our curriculum consists of a sequence of directed activities designed to help children understand certain physical, emotional, and intellectual principles. At Lakefront Children's Academy, we strive to offer young children a strong foundation for the development of

Dolphins (approximate ages 4.5-6 yrs) 

Our Early Childhood Programs


Jellybeans and Blue Jays (approximate ages 2-3.5 yrs)

social skills, self confidence, motivation, and cognition. Within a safe environment each child is encouraged to explore, make choices, and develop age-appropriate skills, including a collective balance of active and quiet activities.

Worker Ants (approximate ages 3.5-4.5 yrs)